ReEnergy Stratton Biomass

Our Company

Company History

ReEnergy Biomass Operations LLC (“ReEnergy”) owns and operates bioenergy projects in the United States and is a partner in strategic alliances to grow its portfolio and invest in new projects that leverage state-of-the-art technology. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of ReEnergy Holdings LLC, which was formed in 2008 by a senior management/co-investor team comprised of experienced industry professionals that partnered with a well-respected energy industry institutional investor. The institutional investor subsequently monetized its investment in the company, but the original management team of co-investors remains in place. ReEnergy has a sister company, ReSource Waste Services, which processes construction and demolition waste and recovers material that can be used for other purposes. Learn More →

Our Vision

To generate biobased energy and products through the use of advanced technology and residual feedstocks, support rural economies and advance a resilient and sustainable environment.

Our Strategic Partner

ReEnergy announced in April 2021 that it was entering into a joint venture with Ember Infrastructure to create an industry-leading bioenergy platform. The company will be named ReGenerate Energy and will be led by experienced team members from ReEnergy and Ember. Founded in 2018, Ember Infrastructure is a New York-based private equity firm delivering capital solutions to businesses and assets seeking to reduce carbon intensity and enhance resource efficiency. Ember focuses on equity investments across renewable energy, water, waste, industrials and agricultural infrastructure.


Meet Our Team

ReEnergy’s team is among the industry’s most experienced in the management of renewable energy.

Bioenergy & Its Benefits

ReEnergy generates biobased energy through advanced technology and residual feedstocks.