Operations at ReEnergy Livermore Falls

Health & Safety

An Unwavering Commitment to Safety

Our greatest responsibility at ReEnergy is our unwavering commitment to the safety of our employees, contractors, suppliers, customers and neighbors. To ensure a safe and healthy workplace, we implement various programs, set goals, and monitor our performance and progress on a continuous basis.

Health & Safety Programs

To validate the status of implementation, a number of health and safety programs are in place.

  • Safety Procedures
  • Health & Safety Inspection Process
  • Risk Assessment & Mitigation Process
  • Safety Analysis Program
  • Behavioral-based Safety Program
  • Facility Safety Committees

Company Policies & Expectations

Employees will not perform work tasks if they cannot be performed safely. Employees are expected to immediately report any and all unsafe conditions, near misses, incidents and injuries to their supervisors to allow for immediate management of the situation.

Employee recommendations to improve health and safety conditions are encouraged and are given thorough consideration. Regular safety meetings and training sessions are held at each facility and company-wide.

Policies, programs and procedures are developed at the corporate level and are disseminated to the site level for implementation. Resources are provided to the sites to assist in this process. Company employees are held accountable for following and supporting company safety policies, programs and procedures.