ReEnergy Livermore Falls Adds New Fuel Yard

The ReEnergy Livermore Falls facility has added a second fuel yard so it can accept more fuel from suppliers.

ReEnergy’s suppliers have been negatively impacted by the recent loss of market outlets. One major loss was sustained in April 2020 with the explosion of the pulp digester at the Pixelle Specialty Solutions paper mill in the town of Jay, which is adjacent to Livermore Falls.

“Loggers have lost market outlets, and this new fuel yard will help us to react to the market efficiently and economically,” said Michael Buckley, ReEnergy’s Vice President of Asset Management.

Buckley said the primary fuel yard at the Livermore Falls plant, which can hold approximately 60,000 tons of wood chips, has been at or near capacity since May 2020. The new fuel yard, which is off of Diamond Road on the way into the facility, sits on three acres and has sufficient capacity to serve as an additional resource for both the Livermore Falls facility and ReEnergy’s other facility in Stratton, Maine. The new yard, which had to be permitted by the Maine Department of Environmental Protection, was completed in mid-November.

“We’re going to have this new yard on standby so we are able to be flexible in meeting market demands,” Buckley said.