ReEnergy Stratton Records Banner Year

The ReEnergy Stratton facility enjoyed a strong year in 2021 across all measures – safety, production, reliability and fuel procurement.

The facility experienced no recordable injuries or lost-time injuries in 2021. In fact, in early 2022 the plant celebrated significant safety milestones: two years with no recordable injuries and seven years without lost-time injuries.

The facility also had its best year of production in the history of the facility, which commenced operation in 1989. The plant generated 406,048 gross megawatt-hours – nearly 70,000 more megawatt-hours than it generated in 2020. In six out of the 12 months, the Stratton plant set an all-time highest monthly production record. The plant’s gross capacity factor in 2021 was 96.6 percent, which included its planned outages.

Plant availability was 98.3 percent, not including spring and fall planned outages. The highest on record in the past was 98.0 percent. The facility’s equipment forced outage rate was 1.66% of total hours in the year.

The facility’s fuel procurement program was very successful, with the site receiving the second-highest volume of fuel in its history. More than 19,000 tons of its wood ash was distributed to Maine family farms. More than 70% of those farms are certified organic farms through the Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association.

“These kinds of numbers don’t happen without highly skilled and dedicated operations and maintenance personnel,” said Mark Thibodeau, who manages the facility. “I am blessed and privileged to be part of such a great team.”